Why we chose SharpSpring Marketing Automation

When we were looking for a Marketing Automation for SMEs, we had several criteria. It had to be affordable, quick and easy to master, and have all the features we needed. We wanted marketing automation that we could implement for clients in just a few days.

SharpSpring is powerful and affordable for everyone

We chose SharpSpring as our marketing automation platform because it meets all these criteria. It also has a great built-in CRM, or you can integrate with other CRMs like SalesForce.com. Best of all, SharpSpring includes unlimited users. That means you can get everyone in marketing and sales using a single system for lead generation, nurturing and opportunity management.

All at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

The results - more high quality leads, more pipeline, increased sales.

Marketing Automation platform comparison guide
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Drive more leads

Drive More Relevant Leads

More than just more.
Drive relevant leads that convert.


Convert leads to sales

Convert Leads to Sales

Close business by sending exactly the right message at exactly the right time using powerful, behavioural-based communication.

Optimise Marketing Spend

Optimise Your Spend

Double down on what works and axe what doesn’t. Comprehensive reports make it easy.

Just a few of SharpSpring's great features

Dynamic Emails

Send personalised and relevant emails to your leads without the need for coding. Swap out entire phrases, images and offers using an intuitive interface – all based on what you know about your contacts. The result: emails that truly convert.

Landing Pages that convert

Build powerful landing pages and funnels that transform visitors into leads. Drive more conversions with dynamic web content that changes based on visitors’ interests and attributes..

Behavioural-Based Email Automation

Put an end to “email blasts” and start conversations that lead to conversions. Go beyond the functionality of traditional email service providers (ESPs) with “after-the-click” tracking for truly personal messaging. Send every lead just the right information at critical points in their unique buying process. Notify salespeople to act at just the right time.

Behavioural Email Automation
Dynamic forms

Dynamic Forms Built for Conversion

Build, customise and reorder fields effortlessly with the sleek drag-and-drop editor. Our dynamic forms autocomplete fields for known visitors to improve conversion and look great on any site with custom CSS. You can even map fields from 3rd-party and native forms.

Engage Leads at Critical Points

Our powerful but easy-to-use rules engine simplifies marketing automation. Use workflows to engage leads at critical points in their unique buying process. Receive a list of the day’s hottest leads right in your inbox, and act at just the right time to convert to sales. Identify hot prospects with lead scoring based on engagement, page tracking, fit and more. Widen your sales funnel with powerful tools built to convert leads to sales.

CRM contact management
Lead scoring

VisitorID Identifies More Leads

Identifying 2x as many visitors to your site is just the beginning. Use behavioural-based tracking to truly understand what motivates each click. Receive a list of the day’s hottest leads right to your inbox and act at the just the right time to convert to sales.

Built-in and 3rd-Party CRM

Track opportunities from creation to close with a bird’s eye view of your pipeline. Create custom deal stages, fields, filters and more to manage your unique sales process. Of course, you can always two-way sync data between SharpSpring and your 3rd-party CRM of choice.

Built in CRM or Integrate with CRM