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We produce great case study videos for software companies. That may seem rather niche, but we think its really important. Because, providing your prospects with authentic stories direct from your customers, is the best way to start a conversation.

Customer stories provide the proof that your technology really delivers. And they're the feedstock for successful, believable content marketing.

If you'd like to improve your storytelling, take a look at the examples below. Then get in touch to see how we can help.

Great case study videos

Really great case study videos are like a ‘virtual site visit’ – they take the audience right into a business to see the improvements that have been delivered. That’s so much more interesting than just a talking head interview. Here are some examples of great case study videos we've produced for software companies:


Operational excellence at ITV with Low-code approach

ITV explain their Low-code approach to operational excellence, illustrated by two experimental projects that delivered very fast results.

Watch the video and find out more


Thinkmoney Powers Customer-Centric Digital Transformation with OutSystems

This video helped thinkmoney's award nomination, leading to them winning the coveted "2019 Banking Technology Award for Best Use of IT in Retail Banking".

Watch the video and find out more


Process improvement can really help save lives!
Heartwarming story that shows how improving supply chain processes makes a real difference to RNLI’s capacity to save lives at sea.

Watch the video and find out more


Process underpins $5Bn steel processing plant in Alabama
Shown at several conferences and used online by TIBCO, this video was described as “the best case study video I’ve ever seen” by TIBCO’s PR agency.

Watch the video and find out more

Accord Mortgages

Mortgage application approvals fly thanks to MATS
Case study shows how Accord (part of Yorkshire Building Society) achieved 3x growth of market share, while using MATS for mortgage processing.

Watch the video and find out more

Marathon Oil

Helping to build a business case with video
This video was commissioned by the end client not the software vendor. It helped them build the business case for $550K additional software.

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Guide Dogs for the Blind

How process underpins strategic change program
Produced for the Nimbus user conference, this story caught Gartner’s eye; which led to Guide Dogs presenting at Gartner’s BPM Summit to an audience of 500 people, for free!

Watch the video and find out more

BAE Systems

Finance Transformation and shared services
This video was used at SSOW, Europe’s largest shared services and outsourcing conference. Seen by 500 delegates it produced a pipeline of over $500k from 13 prospects.

Watch the video and find out more


Making Twinings a great place to work
A half day site visit produced this impactful case study that was used at Nimbus user conference and then promoted by PEXNetwork and APQC to thousands of members.

Watch the video and find out more

Video Interviews

The following video interviews show how business partners, industry analysts and customers can be brought together to create insightful, thought leadership content that can really make your company stand out.


What makes Low-code platforms different to BPM?
This video generated over a 1,000 leads, 8 pipeline opportunities and kept MatsSoft front of mind with Clay Richardson Forrester analyst.

Watch the video and find out more

Professor Sir Cary Cooper + Methods Digital

Two perspectives on innovation
At the last count this interview had generated 2820 views on Innovation Enterprise and has been a very successful source of leads for MatsSoft in the public sector.

Watch the video and find out more

Forrester with Mott MacDonald

Innovation and Low-code
This extended interview has been serialised as eight videos, driving extensive lead generation for MatsSoft. Great value from a 50 minute interview that combines three customer success stories with insight from Forrester.
Watch the video and find out more

Inspiring Performance

Conference Recap
Interviews with customers as well as excerpts from the conference. Created as a conference recap to generate registrations for the following year’s event.
Watch the video and find out more

Example Conference Opener Video

Grab the attention of your audience
If you're planning a conference we can help you get proceedings off-to-a-great-start, with a powerful, attention grabbing, custom video that sets the theme for your conference. Although each video is custom made, we follow a standard methodology to storyboard the content and ensure we deliver exactly what you want, right first time. Contact us to find out more.
Watch the video and find out more


SlideShares are great as as top of funnel attention grabber. You can expose a lighter hearted side to your brand. Push the boundaries – use humour, be provocative and opinionated. Here are two great examples:

MatsSoft and Radix

Slideshare Rant
This Slideshare was developed with Radix Communications, a great B2B tech copy writing agency that I’ve collaborated with since early 2015. A top of funnel content piece, which finishes with a call to action – to download the related eBook.
Read the rant here

Velocity Partners

Cr4p - The Content Marketing Deluge
The original rant. I was fortunate to hire Velocity in 2015 for MatsSoft’s brand refresh. I learnt a huge amount from Stan and his team, who seem to be going from strength to strength. They won CMA Agency of the year in Sept. 2016.
Read the rant here

Articles, eBooks and white papers

Here are a few other examples of successful content pieces that I’ve produced for clients over the past few years:

Thought leadership blog for TTS

What is wasting your IT training budget?
I wrote this article for TTS Knowledge Solutions in 2013. We used it to promote a webinar we hosted on The piece combines my knowledge of lean process improvement and enterprise software training. Results – over 2,000 reads and 45 registrations for the webinar.
Read the article here

eBook for TTS

The 7 deadly sins of IT training
This eBook was the single greatest source of leads for TTS-UK in 2013. Published here. I enjoyed pushing the Marketing Director slightly outside of his Germanic comfort zone. Shame that his final edit screwed up my “hospital pass” analogy. Thankfully the rest of the article survived unscathed.
Read the eBook here

White paper for bizagi

Untangling Spaghetti BPM
Bizagi came to me in 2013 with a problem. “People don’t understand our most important USP.” They wanted a white paper that set the record straight. Of course I was happy to oblige.
Read the white paper here

Low-code thought leadership on PEX Network

Low-code corner
PEX Network made me a columnist in 2015. I wrote a monthly column on Low-code, which was a great way to leverage the extensive video interview I did with Clay Richardson at Forrester in June 2015.
Read low-code corner here

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