On learning and IT Project Failures – eBook

“It‘s a sobering statistic: nearly 70% of IT projects fail in some important way, putting the economic impact worldwide at three billion dollars p.a”

Michael Krigsman in ZDNET.COM

I wrote about this in an eBook I wrote for TTS a couple of years ago, and the article seemed to strike a chord with the UK IT training community. In fact, the article generated more leads for TTS than all of their other marketing campaigns combined, that year in the UK.

It’s a rather familiar format – perhaps over used.

The Seven Deadly Sins ...

I was rather proud of a couple of the sin-suggestions, as the headlines might seem counter intuitive at first glance.


Having worked in both the eLearning and Business Process Improvement software sectors I really enjoyed writing this piece. It rather flew off the pen, so-to-speak – or whatever the keyboard analogy is for that!?

I’ve long thought that enterprise learning and business process improvement share most of the same critical success factors. Not surprising really as they both have the same goal – continuous performance improvement.

You can read the eBook here.

My only regret with this article - that I couldn't persuade their German Marketing Director to keep-his-mits off the final edit. He totally screwed-up the part about the "hospital pass" - believing the term needed explaining - which of course it didn't for the UK audience. But in his defence – I suppose German football has fewer bad passes! No doubt they’d need it spelling out ad nauseam!

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