Take Part in The State of Application Development Survey, and help unicef

According to unicef right now 12.3 million children in Yemen are in danger. At least one of these children dies every ten minutes from malnutrition and easily preventable diseases. A protracted war has led to the world’s current worst humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile, after nearly nine years of conflict in Syria, children continue to pay the heaviest price. More than half a million children have been displaced by violence since December 2019. More than five million children in the region need humanitarian help.

It’s unusual to get the opportunity to support a humanitarian cause, while at the same time helping a technology client better understand how its market is evolving. But, my work with OutSystems has provided precisely this opportunity.

Every year OutSystems surveys the State of Application Development. This year, we wanted to provide an extra incentive to each of our respondents to reach the end of the survey. We’ve tried prize draws in the past, but decided this year we’d appeal to less selfish motives*.

For each of the first 5,000 completed surveys, OutSystems will donate $1 to UNICEF, to help protect children.

Have you got ten minutes to spare? Take the survey now, and you’ll help us reach our target to raise $5,000 for this very worthwhile cause.

Support a good cause

* There’s still a prize draw for one of two $200 gift vouchers. However, I suspect the winners will choose to donate their winnings to the fundraising effort, which is a simple check-box at the end of the survey.

About the survey

The survey and report will be of interest to anyone in IT, particularly application developers, enterprise architects, IT management, and CIOs. Also, if you’re in a senior line of business role and have an opinion about how your organization’s IT function is performing, this survey is for you as well.

Answers are reported as facts and figures. Individual responses, your identity, your company, and other personal identifiers will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone. You can opt-out of the drawing, and therefore remain completely anonymous.

Now in its seventh year, the OutSystems State of Application Development report has become one of the most authoritative reports of its kind. In 2019 over 3,300 IT professionals provided their opinion on five broad themes–

  • The app dev priorities of their organizations
  • The main challenges to meeting app dev goals
  • What strategies are IT teams employing to speed-up delivery?
  • Are these strategies working?
  • Are new app dev practices such as low-code and citizen development making a difference?