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Nigel Warren
Nigel Warren

I’m Nigel Warren and I set-up OnTap to help small to medium sized B2B technology businesses succeed with content marketing. But enough about me. You can scroll down for Nigel’s longer story.  I’m more interested in you and your marketing challenges, and whether OnTap might be a good fit for your business.

Marketing challenges we'll help you overcome

Do a few of these challenges impact your business?

  • It’s hard to devote the time and creativity needed to craft content that sparkles.
  • Your enthusiastic founders write content that reeks of product and falls short on the WIIFM factor. (Been there – startups are so in love with their tech they often forget to write for the target audience.)
  • Feast and famine marketing – just a customer user group meeting can absorb 110% of your marketing capacity for a few weeks, while great ideas sit on the back burner.
  • You want case study and explainer videos that punch above their weight instead of damp squibs that confirm you’re not yet a gorilla.
  • Your best spokespeople are your customers, but you can’t keep begging them for reference site visits
  • Only a handful of conference attendees remember you. Yep – that conference last quarter – 98% of attendees already forgot you had any connection to your customer speaker. (Perhaps just as well – was it death by PowerPoint?)
  • You’re considering investing in marketing automation, but the options seem bloated and expensive
  • You’ve invested in a marketing automation platform that really is bloated and expensive, given the 40% of it you’ve actually got time to master

How we can help

If some of these challenges are effecting your business, OnTap can help. Drill down to find out how.


Content that resonates

Content that resonates

We can help you tell better stories.

Improve marketing process

Improve your content process

We can help you understand and then improve your marketing processes

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

We can help you implement cost effective, easy to use marketing automation

Nigel’s longer story

Since starting in the software industry in 1984 I’ve worked in virtually all roles you can imagine. Except coding. (Although - come to think of it - I did develop the sales order processing system for my own company back in 1991. That handled over 25,000 orders worth around £5m in the following two years. So I’ve dabbled in development.  Sorry. Where were we?!)

My chequered past

My main career has been marketing, and I arrived here via a roundabout route – from sales, to presales, to company founder and Managing Director, to professional services leader, to product manager to product marketing manager and then VP of marketing.

The companies involved have been varied as well. Mostly small, particularly my startup Intuition which grew from 3 people to 40 and £5m p.a. turnover in 6 exciting years. The largest was SAP. The best run was Nimbus Partners. The worst run was TIBCO. The most entrepreneurial was MatsSoft, the most fun was STT before our acquisition by Kaplan. Shame how big software companies nearly always muck-up acquisitions. (Had a different experience? Please share!!)

Why OnTap?

So here’s the thing. When it comes to software marketing I’m not a designer trying to be a marketing manager. I’m not a SEO slut who’s pollutes content with bullshit and keywords until the very meaning has been squeezed out of it. I produce content for humans. The senior kind who might be interested in buying your software.

You’ll hire me (that is OnTap) if you want a senior software exec who can successfully bridge product management, marketing, sales and executive leadership with the aim of improving your marketing with better stories, better processes and marketing automation that delivers.

For more details including endorsements and recommendations meet me on Linkedin.

Contact Nigel on +44 (0)203 290 1351.